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New Year’s Eve at Hotel W – 2013

11 March, 2013 (17:57) | Living in Europe | By: admin

On December 31st we wake up to see they are preparing fireworks directly below our Hotel W room:

This looks promising. Fireworks will go off directly in front of our window at midnight.

We spend the day ordering room service and taking photos from our big picture windows. This is an exciting New Year’s eve already, we are staying at the fulcrum of all the action.

I share some shots taken from our rooms. We live in such a pretty city:

Views of our beach. You can almost see our apartment in the first shot.

Funicular from our beach to MontJuic. In the second shot you can see Tibidabo.

After spending a lazy and somewhat indulgent day, New Years Eve finally arrives.



Iphone and Ipad videos edited together for the purose of sharing the fireworks with you.

Although we had planned to check out the Disco upstairs, instead Mark and I have our own private party in the room, which is equipped with speakers and a docket where we can listen to music on our iPhone while it charges up.

Who needs to go to the discoteque when we have front row seats to the fireworks? After the fireworks we dance around to the music. Life is good!