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Month: July, 2009

Dante’s Inferno by Romeo Castelucci (Festival Grec)

16 July, 2009 (15:26) | Living in Europe | By: admin

When I was four my dad used to read the Divine Comedy out loud to my sister and me as a bedtime story. He would chuckle to himself at who Dante chose to throw in hell, while we listened in terrified silence. We’d try not to look at the frightening illustrations by Dore’ as Dad […]

Mallorca 2009

12 July, 2009 (07:15) | Living in Europe | By: admin

1) Mark’s perfect dive caught with my iPhone 2) C’est moi!… Je rève. When Mark, Nicole and I made plans last year to meet with our friend L., who lives in Bordeaux, at the villa he had been renting for many years it seemed like a fabulous idea. The three of us had travelled to […]