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Atomic Pagodas

28 July, 2023 (07:58) | Living in Europe | By: admin


(a tone poem I wrote decades ago but just now added Midjourney images to illustrate)

It is now post atomic war Japan.
The world is made of atomic particles.
Pagodas are made of darker hued atomic particles.

I am with a female accomplice who wears silver boots.
We poke through the landscape.
Everything we see is penetrable;
Its simultaneously is and yet is not matter as we know it.
Ephemeral beauty! We are having fun!
Gravity as we know it is altered,

So, when we jump it is like jumping on a slow motion trampoline!
There’s a lavender mist, moist but not wet upon the skin.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is axgrindr_pointillist_painting_of_a_white_nightingale_perched_up_59af7804-8f90-4f3e-89a9-6ee4ef4cde9f.png

I notice a white nightingale perched upon a blue pagoda which provides a stark contrast of color against atomic orange air.

Suddenly fireworks are bursting apart like a detailed fresco-like painting of all the great revolutionary leaders of the world, which gently fall apart like streamers from the sky.

I close my eyes and I see other planets, with color bursting everywhere!
A purple mist lingers…

Suddenly I’m in an airport, in a hurry to fly to France.
I get off an escalator and as I pass slowly through the turnstile, I notice a pair of magic glasses for sale. I buy them.

The most magical thing about them is that if you hold them in your hands and look at the lenses you’ll see an animated ocean scene, with gulls soaring and diving for fish.

But if you put them on and look through the lenses, the world looks as is, only slightly more lavender. Once on, only other people can see the animated ocean scene. I buy all the magic glasses: one pair has a desert scene, complete with saguaros bursting with bloom. Another pair shows silver white capped mountains with shifting clouds. one pair of glasses shows a pagoda, stark against an atomic orange sky.

It is all so wonderful!!