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Month: August, 2008

Going back to Italy

31 August, 2008 (08:45) | Living in Europe | By: admin

My mother was born and raised in Florence, Italy. My father was an American soldier of Italian and French descent, He was stationed in Florence at the end of WW2. They met at a school dance put on to entertain the American troops. Although I myself was born in Hollywood, I was asked at age […]

Fiesta Mayor 2008 highlights

30 August, 2008 (10:37) | Living in Europe | By: admin

THIS IS A SHOT OF ME TAKEN DURING FESTA MAYOR Men dressed in revolutionary attire carrying big guns start off the fiesta this morning with their huge bangs at 8 am. The opening of Fiesta Mayor is unique. The devils and the drummers start marching down the streets, some devils are in red, some in […]

Fiesta Mayor de Gracia

13 August, 2008 (06:20) | Living in Europe | By: admin

For the last 191 years, one of the most famous, and most wildly celebrated Barcelona festivals takes place in my neighborhood and is called the Festa Mayor de Gracia. Gracia was once a separate village, and even after it was incorporated into Barcelona, it maintained a fiercely independent free spirit. This unique character is most […]