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Category: Living in Europe

The last 2 years through video dialogues

30 August, 2023 (04:47) | Living in Europe | By: admin

I pretty much let this blog go when Covid hit in 2019 and we got stuck in LA two months longer than planned. During our L.A. semi-lockdown we wrote songs, bought toilet paper and basics from local food trucks and ordered excessive amounts of stuff from Amazon, like so many others. And we called Delta […]

Atomic Pagodas

28 July, 2023 (07:58) | Living in Europe | By: admin

A T O M I C P A G O D A S (a tone poem I wrote decades ago but just now added Midjourney images to illustrate) It is now post atomic war Japan.The world is made of atomic particles.Pagodas are made of darker hued atomic particles. I am with a female accomplice who […]

Jumping into the AI multiverse (using Midjourney illustrations)

26 March, 2023 (09:49) | Living in Europe | By: admin

I know it’s silly, but I hate reading peoples opinions about the impact of AI on culture and civilization. To me they all simply state the obvious. But I guess its to be expected.  I remember going to the annual music conference in LA in  1983, the year MIDI was introduced. (for non musicians who […]