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Month: October, 2008

Buying into the Barcelona lifestyle

24 October, 2008 (02:48) | Living in Europe | By: admin

I’m back in Barcelona already. A weekend in the countryside goes by in a blur. A highlight moment was Mark and I played and sang Caminitos for Sara’s mother, Conchita. She was delighted. We have won her heart. She has beautiful blue eyes, surprisingly sharp eyes that takes in all details. Back to the city, […]

A weekend in Viladrau (Montseny)

22 October, 2008 (09:03) | Living in Europe | By: admin

I am writing from the mountainside village of Viladrau, a 45 minute drive from Barcelona. Mark, Haka and I have been invited here for the weekend. Our friends Sara and Ricardo have a countryside compound. It belongs to Sara’s family. We are staying in the apartment of her brother, who never comes here. He is […]

Festa de la CooperaciĆ² Catalana

11 October, 2008 (04:28) | Living in Europe | By: admin

Barcelona is a city where there is ALWAYS something fun to do. Yesterday I rode my bike to the beach, through Ciutadella Park and ended up spending a couple hours in Ciutadella Park before reaching my goal, the beach. There was (yet another) festival going on at the park; Festa de la CooperaciĆ² Catalana. There […]