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… meanwhile… update from mid December 2022

15 December, 2022 (04:15) | Living in Europe | By: admin

Alot has happened. We made it back to Spain in early May 2020 after four purgatorial months. We bought a car, got parking in the plaza below us, sold Gracia, bought a house in the protected mountain biosphere of Montseny (about 1 1/2 hours from our beach pad), my dog Quixote died and now I have a new canine companion named Zuma.

Rather than trying to do too much recapping, I will post the videos and the dailogues from some of our travels (in Catalunya as well as France) because they highlight the best of what we’ve done.

This was our first Ninja Nomad Dialogue

We also put out several road trip videos of Catalunya. The first ones are specifically of Baix Empordá wanderings:

Castillo de Morella

Also in Baix Emporda

Then there’s this – quite the trek and gnarlier than expected, but we lived to tell:

We were able to take advantage of Covid lockdowns to stay at this nearly deserted 5 star hotel for our 2021 anniversary.

And in fact, the February (2020) before this, during strict lockdown, we were able to “escape” to another 5 star hotel, one that is visible from our beach pad:
So, as you can see, by buying the car we’ve been able to bend a few (quarantine) rules and still have some fun.

Meanwhile, we let go or our rehearsal space sold Gracia, and succeeded in buying the house in the mountains. While waiting for escrow to go through we did a wander through France to visit Bob and Tracey Mann.

Ok – Here’s one more well documented highlight.

There has been plenty of conflict as well as fun over that last 3 years, but I am now posting on December of 2022. I remain Covid free and 4 times vaxxed, Mark got Covid after 3 inoculations, and is slowly recuperating in the mountains.

The mountains… so much catching up to do!