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New Year’s Day at Hotel W Barcelona

11 March, 2013 (19:40) | Living in Europe | By: admin

Every New Year’s Day the Club Nataçiòn de Barcelona has a first day of the year swim. It is quite something to view from our plush Hotel W suite. I take some shots with my Nikon, which has a phenomenal zoom:

The above big swim lasted about a half hour, although many literally dipped in and out just to honor the tradition. That water is cold! Notice the Catalan flag in many of the shots. I recently joined this very Catalan Club de Nataçiò so you can look forward to a future blog post about it at some point. This club provides me the opportunity to become more fluent in Catalán. Many of the hard core members will only speak to you in Catalan, so I’m learning to be quite comfortable with simple chit chat about weather, dogs, and sports.

It is fun to photograph our stomping grounds from this perspective. Normally it is I down below scurrying about, for our apartment is just hidden from view here. I’ve taken many photos of the iconic Hotel W from down below, so its a real thrill to have an unique point of view from above.

In every day life, Quixote takes a poo in front of the caged sculptures every morning and then we either take a beach walk, a bike ride or I simply throw balls for him until he tires.

Mark and I spend the rest of the day lazing around and snapping last minute photos of our spectacular city view:

views of the city from our hotel room. Notice the iconic Christopher Columbus statue, Tibidabo and La Sagrada Familia. What a great city Barcelona is!