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Hello from Hotel W in Barcelona – part 1

11 March, 2013 (13:41) | Living in Europe | By: admin

I’ve been a bit negligent of this blog because I’ve been channeling all my energy into publishing a book, which will be the subject of a *subsequent* blog.
Now, I will break the Hotel W blog into 3 parts: 1) Mark’s birthday 2) New Year’s Eve 3) New Year’s Day.

Every year we celebrate Mark’s birthday, which is 2 days before New Years Eve, somewhere spectacular, usually somewhere exotic where it is hot in December. This year we opted to stay in here in Barcelona, in light of all the remodel/renovations we’ve been doing, both in L.A. and in Barcelona.

Here’s a quick recap in images of our first couple nights, beginning with Mark’s birthday spent at the Hotel W in Barcelona on December 29th. (We stayed for New Year’s eve and through to Jan 2)

Quixote and Mark check out our Hotel W digs, home for the next 4 nights. It is very plush and somewhat indulgent. The bed proves to be Quixote’s favorite spot.


Our place has 2 rooms; one with a view of our beach. This is the room where we later have some friends over to celebrate Mark’s birthday. The other is an indulgent room with a direct view onto the ocean, the room complete with a bathtub and lounge sofa as well as bed and office area behind the bed.

1- View of our beach. 2- view of sunrise popping out of the ocean from the master bedroom, where there is a long divan to lounge around on and watch ships and airplanes and clouds pass by.

This place is inherrently fun! And the master bedroom is truly sexy.

We had a small party in the beach view room to celebrate Mark’s birthday:

After which we all went to the 22nd floor Hotel W disco, called Bar Eclipse for further celebration.

Discoteca Eclipse


More fun photos of our fancy digs:

1- Lazy sunrise photo taken from bed 2- view from lounge area in front ocean view window.

This is good a place as any to show off the neon lighting which has remote controls to change the colors.

This is how Quixote earns his keep; in exchange for a really fun and active yet comfortable life I make him pose from time to time…

They even have a Pet Menu available for room service here, for my lucky dog.

More neon shots

A few parting photos before I go on to Part 2 of 3 of our vacation at Hotel W.

The bathtub is a real centerpiece of our stay

My dog just LOVES the bed here at Hotel W

Mark’s birthday was a success, our friends all had fun.

…To be continued…