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My dog, Quixote, is a star!

27 August, 2011 (04:57) | Living in Europe | By: admin

My canine companion Quixote exudes charisma:

1 – Quixote as the 5th Beatle. 2 – “El Chiquitin” posing in the music studio.

I threw together this slide show to give a feeling of my dog’s personality and photogenic stances. He will be featured in future posts about life in the city, so I thought I’d better give him his own dog blog today:

It took me forever to edit the above video down to 3 minutes because my dog is so darn cute!

In adventures to come Quixote will play a part, and in due time I expect I’ll post a second “Dog Blog”.

This is what Quixote sounds like when pleading with me:

And this is his playtime growl:


I have had a canine companion since the time I ran away from home as a teenager *over* a dog who my parents wanted me to give away.

20 years ago *I* was the star and my dog a sidekick, as evidenced by the below video from the late 80’s where I was often seen rollerskatng down Melrose Blvd. in Hollywood with my dog Flash, who like my last dog, Pukka, lived to a ripe old age. I was in a popular band and was a minor Hwd. luminary back then…Now, over 20 years and 2 countries later, my canine companion has shrunk and I have grown and I have transferred the star role from myself to my dog, as evidenced by the following clip I unearthed just for this blog, of yours truly rollerskating down Melrose Ave. in the late 80’s:

Rollerskating with my dog down Melrose.


Sometime in the future I will attempt to do a dog blog completely from Quixote’s point of view. But for now I thought it best to introduce him to me readers, for he is my muse and my canine love. Quixote is only 2 1/2 years old, so I have high hopes he will accompany me well into my 60’s… (scary thought).

Here are two self portrait photos, one taken just now for this blog, the other on a bike ride, of me and my buddy:

It’s a RUFF life!