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Back to Reality

7 August, 2011 (09:05) | Living in Europe | By: admin

August in Barcelona

Only a few moments after posting my final India (Goa) blog we have a fluke hailstorm, almost as if St. Francis Xavier wants to admonish me for exposing his dubious legacy in India; the heavens open up in a fast and furious but short lived summer storm:


Which is followed by a most poetic morning

Sunrise along my beach.

We’re heading into the second week of August and a lot has happened. It took me four months to compile and write the South India blogs, although we were only in India for a month.

The most positive thing that has happened since returning home is we’ve successfully turned our Gracia apartment into a lucrative Barcelona Vacation Rental which is already booked through mid October.

Something bad also happened while we were away; our Partners In Rhyme studio was robbed while we were in India. Although we have 30 thousand euro business insurance, we’re being given the run-around by our insurance company so we’ve had to hire lawyer to track down reasonable reimbursement. Wish us luck.

Meanwhile we took a blitkrieg visit back to USA to visit our families, which had us away for a little over 2 weeks.

We now have short-term tenants booked through October in our Gracia loft, and one person is looking ahead to booking it for *next* June for 2 weeks… cool!

it’s good to get back to life as usual

Back to taking bike rides and finding unique angles through which to see the city.

While the USA has been downgraded and the euro is on shaky grounds, our Partners in Rhyme continues to thrive, and now, with the added revenue from Our vacation home in Barcelona we pinch ourselves that thus far we seem buoyant, resilient, still on course to keep up our lifestyle, at least for the immediate foreseeable future.

I just wanted to check in. Its nice to have all those adventures behind us, to return to our n/a beer and morning dogwalks and almost daily swims. We love life in this city and my future posts will be back on theme with this.

In Barcelona we don’t need to seek new adventures, for things unfold right on our doorstep.

1) Another cool geometric pattern in my hood 2) Wavy bench park, which I only recently discovered.

My next few posts will be frivolous.

Here are two more finds from recent bike rides with my dog:

1 – Barcelona is a city full of landscaping and architectural surprises. This nearby park is yet another find for me since returning from India. 2 – Quixote and I rode the bike to the Forum Beach, another unexpected find.