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Microwave experiment in the name of art

5 February, 2010 (10:03) | Living in Europe | By: admin

When our microwave oven started acting up recently we knew it was time to buy a new one. But first I had to try the experiment “for the sake of art” to find out if indeed, an egg will explode in a microwave oven. So before throwing out the old microwave, I did the test with the purpose of recording the audio for my website It took so long to burst that I also took some (disturbing) video footage:

I switched to my NAGRA (digital audio recorder) for the actual blast, which in reality took out all the electricity in the house and scared the sh_t out of me: The audio of the explosion of egg bursting in microwave.

Now, as many of you who know me personally are aware, one of the first songs I wrote decades ago was called “Microwave Babies”.

I “just happen” to have a LIVE performance of that song, performed by the band Visiting Kids (I am playing keyboards in the left back corner of the stage) which I share with you because – it all ties in.

(Today’s blog is a bit silly, but I promise, my next one will tackle a serious topic about the effects of global crisis in my neighborhood here in Barcelona…)