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Christmas Holidays and New Years in Florence, Italy

18 January, 2010 (12:54) | Living in Europe | By: admin


Holiday decor, downtown Florence
Quixote posed in front of Ponte Vecchio, Florentine Cristmas Tree

Happy 2010 from Florence

Fireworks over Ponte Vecchio

On New Years Eve it was raining, but it did not stop the show from going on…

The 2 weeks we spent in Florence was peppered with really fun extended family gatherings, but we also has lots of alone time. We stayed in a classic hotel along the Arno River, which was very poetic in the rain.


Sitting on our hotel balcony overlooking the Arno


Some thumbnail shots of my family – 23 members attended Mark’s birthday party.

This is my mother’s sister, Zia Fiorella, who is now 80 years old, singing a phonetic “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain”

Most of our time in Florence was either spent kicking around downtown, recording sounds, eating, or else hanging out with different combinations of my very large family there.

I will get back on track with my next blog, which will once again center around my life here in Barcelona.