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Malibu after the fires – Serrano Canyon Trail

7 June, 2013 (14:59) | Living in Europe | By: admin

A couple weeks before I came to L.A. these fires were raging through Malibu Canyons:

Every time I am in L.A. I take a Malibu hike with Michelle, who lives in Paradise Cove. She decided in advance we would hike Serrano to view the fire’s aftermath. She had been hiking there only a few weeks ago when it was overgrown, bursting with fragrance color. But now it looks like a lunar landscape:

We each pose at the Serrano Valley/ Pt. Mugu trailhead.

Following is a photo essay of our dramatic hike:

1- State Wilderness Boundary. 2- Charred trail to burnt homestead, only recently overgrown with green brush and foliage.

Burnt, rusty debris at homestead.

More rusty debris.

Although hiking uphill on a shadeless trail is not my idea of fun, in hindsight it was pretty awesome!

Signs of rebirth in this yucca:
Lone yucca plant survives like a phoenix from the ashes.