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Festa San Jordi and La Diva Cubista

7 June, 2013 (09:12) | Living in Europe | By: admin

April 23, 2013

This Festa San Jordi we set up a kiosk in front of our Partners in Rhyme headquarters. My friend Ernesto translated 6 stories from Whatever Happened to Suzuki Beane?

San Jordi is a popular holiday in Barcelona, with florists and authors cashing in everywhere. We were surprised to sell 28 copies of La Diva Cubista y Otros Relatos
for 3 euros each. I also sold 1 copy of Horizontal Rain and 2 copies of Whatever Happened to Suzuki Beane?

Not bad for a day’s work. Thank you Shakespeare and Cervantes. (see original Festa San Jordi blog for back story.)

We had a small celebration afterwards in our Gracia headquarters with old friends:

1- Jordi and Sol 2- Ernesto, who translated my stories from English to Spanish.

1- San Jordi Cake 2- Vicente, who hand bound Ernesto’s translations into a beautiful Japanese style limited edition hand printed book. I gave all proceeds of sales to Ernesto and Vicente.

Marta with boyfriend Karafa, both featured in multiple past blogs.

1- Quixote (bored) ignoring girlfriend Lupe. 2- Sol peruses our kiosk.

Later, I traded a book at the local marihuana dispensary for this big spliff:
A good time was had by all, and it felt great to sign so many copies of my work. Life is good!

I love Festa San Jordi