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Date: June 25th, 2008

Pies de Cerdo y Caracoles

25 June, 2008 (07:41) | Living in Europe | By: admin

For a while we were eating at only very authentic Catalan restaurants. One called Su Casa is very interesting. From the front it looks like just another local cervesa y tapas joint but once you walk through to the back it opens up into a large cafeteria style restaurant. There is a kitchen with one […]

Summer Solstice (San Joan 2008)

25 June, 2008 (02:13) | Living in Europe | By: admin

MASSIVE FIREWORKS BANG Monday night we went roaming the streets of Barcelona with some friends visiting from New Zealand. St Joan Day 2008. This holiday is one of the biggest in Barcelona. Everyone is on the streets armed with fireworks and explosives, there are no rules or regulations, it is complete anarchy; there are old […]