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Tourist in my own city – helicopter ride

11 January, 2012 (18:36) | Living in Europe | By: admin

For Mark’s birthday this year I bought us a helicopter ride over Barcelona and Montserrat. This an expensive trip, the 35 minute one that takes you to Montserrat, but there are other more affordable ones, like the 10 minute ride over the city. It was awesome to see our chosen city from yet another perspective.

I’m going to share the video we made with you here, followed by a few snapshots.

The video really shows it all, but I did snap a few cheesy iPhone shots. so why not post them here? Happy Birthday Mark.

1) Barcelona’s twin towers, or “Los Torres” 2) The Hotel W viewed from helicopter.

1) Tips of Montserrat. 2) The River Besos which ends at the sea.