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Making Music While the Economy Burns

23 February, 2009 (11:45) | Living in Europe | By: admin

This is something Mark and I did last week as a result of a Twitter exchange with CNN business anchorman, Richard Quest:

He’s promoting this effort on his blog today:

“February 23, 2009
Making music while the economy burns
Posted: 1642 GMT

While insightul reporting on economic upheaval are what makes Quest Means Business a must-see for most people, for some discerning viewers it simply comes down to presenter Richard Quest’s unexpectedly melodic appeal.

The anchor’s disctinctive tones, and his enthusiasm for social network medium Twitter, have prompted fans to set samples of his show to music and post the results on YouTube.

“Deep Hypnotic State,” which takes its title from something Quest has apparently uttered live on air, starts with applause and a thundering bassline, before throwing in classic soundbites from the man himself.

While it might not take the charts by storm, Quest has told its creators that he is “seriously impressed” with the remix.

Quest Means Business

Later I receive this Tweet from Richard Quest: “didn’t have time for the music tonight – we will get to it next week. i love it. my mum also loves it .