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Camping in France in August, part 2

4 December, 2012 (11:38) | Living in Europe | By: admin

After several days driving and staying in various campgrounds along the way, we finally make it to our destination in Blois, sur la Loire river. The campground is “free camping” meaning we can find a spot anywhere on the sprawling green grounds along the river. This is luxurious! We find a nice spot with an electric pole and make ourselves at home. After texting Bobbie that we have arrived, we make a really fun and rewarding lunch with the goods we purchased at the fromagerie:

Bobbie and Tracey live 1 km down the road. In 2009 we visited their home in Paris, for which I wrote a blog which gives some back story to the friendship.

Including the night spent at the video festival, it took us almost 6 days of our precious designated 2 week campervan rental to make it to Chaumont. We would like to spend 5 nights, but realize that we can only spend 4 nights maximum before heading back to Barcelona, if we don’t want to simply race straight back. It was a long drive to get here, but well worth it, we decide.

Bobbie and his dog, Elvis come to see us. In the August heat the walk is further than he remembers. Mark heads straight to the river for a swim:
Quixote approves of this place and turns into a ferile bat dog:

Later, on the walk to Bob and Tracey’s chateau we are enchanted by these balloons over the Loire; we’ll have to do the balloon ride on a return visit someday, we decide:

Bob and Tracey’s chateau came with its own wine cave when they bought it over 20 years ago. It was a real fixer upper, and Bob made it his job to renovate the place and put in a recording studio.

1) Bobbie’s wine cave 2) Le Chateau

We spend the next few days mostly at the campground, going to Bobbie’s once a day for ping pong or a meal. The campground is divine, lush, fairly quiet for a campground. We love it here:

A bit of ping pong (Bob and Tracey):


At Bobbie’s Mark is guest chef du BBQ. Cristina speaks no French and no English; its hilarious to watch her try to communicate with Bob and Tracey:

Out in front of Bob and Tracey’s horses pass by. Later we view evening balloons from inside their patio:

Three nights and 4 days, no internet except from Bobbie’s; what a luxury!

Au revoir tranquiity!

PART 3 – the journey home

… to be continued in a separate blog …