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Business Goals

16 June, 2008 (07:19) | Living in Europe | By: admin


Business is doing very well. We were in the mid-5 figures last month (!!!) and it looks like next month will be about the same. We now represent about 30 composers.

Our outsourced shipping went live and is working so far. We no longer have to ship anything ourselves; no more burning CDs and putting the packages together, no more trips to the post office with 300 euros in cash for stamps to last the month, no more daily frustration with our stupid printer, coaxing it to cooperate with both label and receipt print-out, no more endless trips to Cartridge World to refill our ink cartridges, no more picking up supplies downtown and taking the metro with a big Santa Clause bag overfilling with envelopes and mailers and bubble wrap for each CD. We are no longer complete slaves to the business we created. We’re setting ourselves up to be completely free to travel light and not worry too much if we are away from an internet connection for a day or two in pursuit of sounds and adventure.

Our next goal will be to locate an employee to handle the small customer questions and download issues that takes up too much of Mark’s time at present. Mark’s goal is to be able to go on a 51 day trip all over India for his 50th birthday ( he´s 47 now). We want to be able to leave all of the websites for that amount of time without worrying about them and without having to login to a computer at all.