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The 2 me’s

19 January, 2024 (09:23) | Living in Europe | By: admin

Photo below is of some of my morning padel group of 8 to 9 am padel players. Padel is a big part of my life, it keeps me fit. This is Barcelona-Lia, tooling around on my bike with my dog Zuma. In the below video, we explore my immediate neighborhood in Barcelona. As time passes, […]

RAV 4 Ninja Nomad – follow our YouTube channel (link below).

19 January, 2024 (09:17) | Living in Europe | By: admin below are a few of the videos on our YouTube channel. wanderings…

The last 2 years through video dialogues

30 August, 2023 (04:47) | Living in Europe | By: admin

I pretty much let this blog go when Covid hit in 2019 and we got stuck in LA two months longer than planned. During our L.A. semi-lockdown we wrote songs, bought toilet paper and basics from local food trucks and ordered excessive amounts of stuff from Amazon, like so many others. And we called Delta […]