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ad nauseum soundscape

30 July, 2008 (12:02) | Living in Europe | By: admin

I’ve been sick the last few days now that I’m back from France – seems all that creamy, yummy non-stop diet wreaked havoc with my intestines and has brought on an inconvenient attack of diverticulitis, a condition I was diagnosed with in NZ that basically means if I don’t eat enough fibre I can get really sick.

I don’ t know how many people reading this know anything about me. Other than writing blogs and a book called Horizontal Rain I co-own and run 3 royalty free content websites. In the living of life itself I am often either equipped with a camera, or else/and a NAGRA recorder to capture unusual everyday sounds. After so many years, sound design is interwoven into my life. If an unusual sound catches my attention I am often equipped with NAGRA, if I´m quick enough to get it together.

So now I offer you sounds of my week since returning from Bordeaux:

Vomit: big, wet, splashy

Short groan

Vomit: dramatic projectile vomit

Vomit: long and liquid, burbly

Groaning in pain (yes, this is me!)

Vomit: violent hurl, wet, fast with a spit at the end

A long, deep, scary otherworldly, female moan

I sure hope you enjoy listening to my soundscape more than I enjoyed capturing it for you. The only good that can come of this experience is that we have more vomit sounds to sell through now.