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Month: March, 2009

Festa San Medir 2009 in Gracia

4 March, 2009 (17:19) | Living in Europe | By: admin

This is a video Mark threw together from yesterday’s San Medir celebrations One of the perks to living in my neighborhood (Gracia) is that we have our *own* holidays and festivals which are celebrated nowhere else in Barcelona. Today is case in point. Every year, on March 3, all of Gracia celebrates San Medir. It […]

February in Paris 2009

1 March, 2009 (16:05) | Living in Europe | By: admin

View of the Alps from Airplane, View of Eiffel Tower from our hotel room Every year we try to go somewhere special for Mark’s birthday and also for mine. Mark’s birthday is Dec. 29th so we went to Senegal to celebrate his birthday and also the first week of the new year. My birthday is […]