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Tuesday, March 21, 2000

For silly pix and for a unique view of Yoko Ono cool interactive site.

I have just today, May 18. 2000 started a daily journal, which I will keep active (powered by Blogger™).
posted by Mona-Lia Ventress on 3/21/2000 11:09:37 AM

When I was four my dad used to read the Divine Comedy out loud to my sister and me as a bedtime story. He would chuckle to himself at who Dante chose to throw in hell, while we listened in terrified silence. We'd try not to look at the frightening illustrations by Dore' as Dad read but it was hard to resist. When I fell asleep I would have vivid nightmares with all those damned souls reaching up for me from the boiling hot river of blood.

 ´ ´ ´
When I was nine I found a book hidden in the far recesses of Dad's library. The book was Lenny Bruce's "How To Talk Dirty and Influence People". Although I didn't understand most of the dirty words I did understood the book. I was in the fourth grade and in Catholic school myself. My best friend and I would go around baptizing the pagans for fun. We baptized all the kids in the neighborhood that would let us, even the Jewish ones, and we baptized their dogs too. Baptizing is fun. For mischief the two of us would squeeze into a confessional and giggle until we heard the priest get up. That was our signal to SCRAM!

(...in this spot I'd like to insert later a cartoon of 2 schoolgirls both trying to squeeze out the confessional door at the same time, hysterical with laughter.)

So when Lenny Bruce wrote about his going around door to doo

Saturday, March 18, 2000

The Divine Comedy might have been a bit heavy, but we loved it when Dad read to us from the James Thurbers Carnival collection of short stories. The characters are loosely based on the ridiculous adventures of Thurber's eccentric family and how they would overreact, each in his own idiosyncratic fashion, to everyday incidents. My sister and I would giggle along with Dad as he read such classics as "The Night the Bed Fell" and "The Dog That Bit People". I especially loved all the silly cartoon illustrations. "When I grow up I want to be James Thurber" I used to tell Dad.

(For more childhood memories and to follow my daily entries click here.) (For more childhood memories and to follow my daily entries click here.)
posted by Mona-Lia Ventress on 3/18/2000 12:10:22 AM

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